Editing HTML/CSS in git

It is possible to run gitwed locally to quickly test your modifications to the HTML and CSSĀ  files. Once you're done editing, you can check in files.


  • clone the gitwed-data repository
  • make sure you have node.js installed; the npm command should be in your PATH
  • run npm install (in gitwed-data)


  • run npm start (in gitwed-data); this will start the local server
  • head to http://localhost:3000/yourpage
  • you can edit using the WYSWIG interface - changes will be saved in gitwed-data (but not automatically checked in)
  • you can edit HTML/CSS files - refresh page to see changes
  • once done, check in files and push
  • you can go to https://dwbe.org/yourpage and select Force server refresh from the orange ... menu; otherwise refresh happens every few minutes