The Art of Lasting Happiness

Presented by Canada Diamond Way Buddhist Centres

Saturday, Sept. 29 <> 11 AM — 6 PM

Room #2, Chestermere Recreation Centre <> Google Map
201 W Chestermere Dr
Chestermere, AB T1X 1B2


Everyone is cordially invited to a 'one day only' exhibition of Tibetan Buddhist Art, on loan from Canadian Diamond Way Buddhists across the country! The statues, thangkas (scroll paintings) and ritual objects used in meditation are carriers of deep symbolism which go beyond the purely artistic aspect. They point towards the timeless values of enlightenment: fearlessness, joy, and active compassion. At the same time, they represent the attributes of various Buddha forms which reflect our own enlightened qualities.

The Structure of the Exhibit:

In this exhibit you will journey through the Buddhist Refuge. Taking refuge is something we all do, often when things are not going well. Everyone wants to be happy, but mostly we seek it in the outer world - in fame, career, partnership, shopping, chocolate, Netflix, wine etc. We can continue to enjoy all these things, but, they don't last and so aren't reliable.  Buddhists take refuge in lasting values that are inherent aspects of mind. We hope you enjoy the art in the exhibition and we look forward to welcoming you!