Americas Adventure 2017 - Lotsa Lama! hallo

This year our Americas Adventure in Europe will primarily be with our great Lama Ole Nydahl and other lamas from the lineage.

Our Adventure this year includes the Summer Course at the Europe Center, visiting the center of Madrid, and traveling together to Karma Guen. Please register for the courses and book your flight directly. The Americas Adventure team will coordinate program/accommodation in Madrid and transportation from Madrid to Karma Guen. You can register for the portion between the two courses at this link. Total cost from 14 - 17 August should be around 150 euros, which you can pay on site.


31 July - 13 August

Summer Course at the EC

14 August

Help with dismantling the course at the EC

15 August

Train to Munich and flight to Madrid (suggested flight: Iberia 3191 MUC - MAD 12:10 - 15:00)

16 August


17 August

Travel together in bus

18 August - 21 August

Course at Karma Guen with Lama Ole and Karmapa

21 August - 27 August

Course at Karma Guen continues with other lamas